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SQL Server

In a perfect world, the link between the IT department and business operations would be seamless. While Ferotech can’t make magic, we can come close by offering the Microsoft SQL Server as its high performance engine. Microsoft SQL is designed to power business intelligence and operations at any level.

What does Microsoft SQL Server offer an enterprise-level database platform?

Industry-Leading Uptime

Ferotech understands that you need your data now, not yesterday. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most consistent and responsive database solutions on the market, with effective resource management features that ensure reliability without sacrificing performance.

Vault-Like Security

Advanced data encryption, dedicated logging and the presence of the SQL Server Audit feature provides peace of mind in terms of information access, tracking, and privacy. Ferotech will work with you to ensure all updates are complete for ongoing protection.


Microsoft SQL Server grows along with your business. Designed to handle the needs of companies ranging in size from startups to international conglomerates, Microsoft SQL Server will continue to thrive even if your organization expands to demand the warehousing of hundreds of terabytes of data. Ferotech offers the same promise. We can help your business regardless of how you scale in the coming years.

StreamInsight Queries Support Rapid Data Analysis

Benefit from the StreamInsight architecture that allows your IT staff to create .NET applications capable of querying high-speed data with only minimal latency. This flexible business tool enables organizations to react quickly to changing conditions while minimizing data analysis costs.

Ferotech believes in the power of Microsoft SQL Server and is proud to offer it to our customers. To learn how we can help you with SQL Server, complete our online contact form.