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Software Quality Assurance

Ferotech's software quality assurance service promises to instill a systematic quality framework that intervenes from the very beginning of a project to provide the tools required for testing, planning, and validation of any software product. Don't settle on an in-house software that barely meets your functionality standards.

Quality Systems

Top-tier software quality assurance requires a fundamental project attitude that embraces the realities of consistent development practices. The adoption of code reviews, requirement reviews, iterative test plans, and an effective communication process between testers, coders, and managers is absolutely critical to any successful product launch.

At Ferotech, we realize that quality software means more than just quality code. Quality software requires embracing the fact that user acceptance, compatibility, integration, and regression testing (along with proper documentation) are key quality components.

Quality Tools

Ferotech offers top-of-the-line quality assurance tools to bolster any testing effort. Automated testing equipment can function as a complement to user testing through the use of dynamic scripting and advanced test case design. A proper issue reporting and tracking database should also form the backbone of any software quality assurance effort. After all, a bug that no one knows about is a bug that ships.

Contact Ferotech to begin implementing the kind of quality assurance system that can bring your product development to the next level.