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Microsoft Silverlight is a development tool that can be used to create applications that integrate multimedia components for an interactive experience. Featuring effective tools for manipulating audio and video, Ferotech offers Silverlight as an intriguing new option for media-heavy projects.


Based on the .NET framework, Silverlight is run via a free plug-in that can be installed on any major web browser running Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. Silverlight is also compatible with a wide range of mobile device operating systems and consumer electronics devices, giving developers a deep field of potential users. Microsoft's large installed user base and excellent support resources are useful tools for Silverlight developers and allow Ferotech to make the most of your Silverlight development investment.

Not Just Glitter

While Silverlight does offer impressive media presentation, it can also be used to build business-oriented applications thanks to its integration with Microsoft software packages and its ability to create a solid and secure user interface for a variety of different project needs. Let Ferotech show you how Silverlight's versatility enables it to be used for the creation of desktop-like software applications that can be run in web and device environments without the need for PC installation.

Ferotech can get you started down the Silverlight path today – contact us to find out how.