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Time is the most valuable resource for any company. Ferotech offers the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 software service to help enterprises make the most effective use of time spent working to achieve organizational goals.

Instant Access

Need to connect a team of developers with a client across time zones, oceans, or continents? Ferotech can create a SharePoint 2010 solution allowing you to have instant collaboration through the sharing of documents, tasks, calendars, or any other project resources that are critical to moving things forward. No more waiting for information to make its way from one team member to another—Microsoft SharePoint 2010's central repository can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Easy Management

With Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, you no longer have to worry about whether everyone is on the same page—version control and project data management are an integral aspect of the software. Now you can be certain that the version of the document you are looking at is the most up-to-date version thanks to the ability to centrally manage all project information. What's more, Ferotech offers around the clock customer support so that if you ever have trouble with SharePoint, we can get you the answers fast.

Simple, Effective Security

Need to keep certain aspects of a project confidential? Want to make sure that some documents are only checked out or edited by the appropriate team members? Ferotech will implement SharePoint 2010 so that it gives you in-depth user profile management and access controls to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands.

Ferotech can help your business deploy Microsoft SharePoint and show you how to use it most effectively for your needs. For a customized quote, complete our online form.