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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open source web development language specifically targeted at providing you with the tools needed to rapidly deploy web solutions. Ruby on Rails uses the Agile web development system.


Ruby on Rails makes use of scaffolding technology that can automate the development of basic application features. Other integrated features included with Ruby on Rails help to create a development environment that is suitable for the creation of feature-rich applications right out of the box.

Simple and Effective

Ruby on Rails was designed to simplify the code needed to create web applications. Ruby on Rails makes assumptions about what the developer requires to build a strong foundation for an application and allows programmers to instead focus on providing custom functionality that takes advantage of built-in basics. Ferotech can show you how basic code is easier to debug, easier to upgrade, and faster to release onto the web.

Configuration through Code

Ruby on Rails removes the need to configure the specific layers of your web application using XML or any other technologies, since all configuration is handled directly in the code itself.

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