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Printing & Publishing

Despite what many may say about the publishing industry, we here at Ferotech Solution Services believe the printing and publishing industries will thrive in the electronic age. No longer do you need to depend on expensive printers and unreliable distribution centers to do your work. Now, with the help of Ferotech, you can create and distribute your online and offline publications with ease.

Ferotech helps publishers, printers, small businesses, and individual authors with the following:

  • Online marketing portals
  • Electronic book production
  • Electronic catalog production and distribution
  • Customer relationship manager (CRM) development
  • E-commerce solutions

Marketing Services from InfoCom Marketing

In addition to the printing and electronic publishing we do at Ferotech, we also assist our clients with marketing their publications. As mentioned above, catalogs and e-commerce solutions are a big part of what we do, but it actually goes much further than this.

Through our division InfoCom Marketing, we can help your business or your work as an independent author to promote your intellectual property and your brand through a custom-built website and corresponding marketing efforts.

Visit to see samples of our work and to get an idea for what we can do for you and to promote your publishing work.