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Portal and Intranet

Sometimes businesses focus so much on their Internet presence that they neglect to maximize the effect that a well-leveraged portal and intranet can have on their efficiency and processes. Ferotech is adept at helping companies construct the type of portal and intranet infrastructure that can play a crucial supporting role in taking business to the next level.

24/7 Support, Around the World

Ferotech can build the type of portal that offers employees constant access to important corporate resources no matter the time or location. A robust corporate portal allows for rapid communication, file sharing, and scheduling for geographically dispersed employees. Intranets ease the effects of sales and executive travel by providing a reliable link to home base.

Internal Resource Management

A well-designed intranet can be your company's most effective tool when it comes to organizing corporate data, establishing policies, and providing full HR support and meaningful internal communications opportunities, which are not always possible through standard Internet channels. Intranet communications also offer a greater degree of security than Internet options, which can be a strong consideration when protecting proprietary information.

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