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Ferotech offers the one-two punch of PHP scripting and MySQL databases for organizations looking to take advantage of two of the most widely-adopted and advanced web technologies on the market. Consistent, open source and standards-based, PHP and MySQL are a winning combination for applications development.

Supreme Compatibility

Functional across all operating systems and virtually every hardware specification, PHP/MySQL offer you full coverage when it comes to application compatibility. This exceptional versatility does not come at the expense of speed—the combo remains one of the quickest and best performing web dev platforms available, which is why Ferotech recommends it.

Exceptional Support

The Ferotech team has the expertise to develop outstanding applications using PHP and MySQL. Given the open source nature of PHP/MySQL, Ferotech has access to a universe of tool kits, custom libraries, and extensions that offer solutions for nearly any potential design requirements. Solid support combined with robust testing and troubleshooting from a huge installed user base means that there will be no surprises when it comes time to rollout your next web application.

Flawless Integration

Interested in integrating your PHP/MySQL-based web application with existing open source web software?  Want to take advantage of the capabilities and user interest associated with platforms such as Drupal, Joomla! or Magento eCommerce?  Ferotech is well versed in PHP/MySQL and can show you the many possibilities it brings for your business.

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