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Mobile Application Development

Mobile platforms have become some of the most important markets for application developers looking to reach the widest possible audience. As the capabilities of smart phones continue to grow in terms of processing power, video display, and ease of use, mobile applications will continue to grow in importance. At Ferotech, we offer mobile application development for the iPhone, Android, and Microsoft Phone 7 to meet the demand.

Geo-Related Functionality

Take your mobile applications to the next level by taking advantage of the GPS locators found in many modern phones and devices. Using location information to target the information presented by your application gives you a competitive advantage and offers greater value to users.


Mobile devices offer the ability to view and interact with media-rich applications, which means that you can include audio and video with your mobile software products. Ferotech can integrate functionality with an immerse user-integrated experience that will differentiate you from your competitors

Wireless Everywhere

With wireless connectivity at an all-time high, mobile applications can harness the power of the Internet to provide value compared to less dynamic software. Internet-enabled mobile applications also offer the ability to forge a more lasting customer relationship, an area where Ferotech offers particular expertise.

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