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Java is one of the most respected and widely used programming languages currently in use on the web. Java has become such a crucial Internet technology thanks to its multi-platform capability that Java applications can run in virtually any hardware or software environment. Ferotech can show you how this opens up development possibilities that include not just personal computers, but also mobile devices such as smart phones and PDAs, as well as many microprocessor-controlled digital devices.

Exceptional Distribution

Java is currently the development language of choice for applications running on 2.1 billion mobile phones and over 850 million personal computers on a daily basis, which doesn't even include the millions of consumer devices that use Java code to operate. This boils down to extensive Java support both online and off from Ferotech, as well as the kind of enterprise-level resources available to satisfy any size development project.

One Application, Many Clients

The nature of Java allows developers to create an application without concern as to whether it is being run in a web browser, on a portable phone, or on an Intranet. A Java application will run on any of the billions of devices and systems that support it, leaving you free to focus on functionality rather than porting your application to range of different environments.

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