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Interactive Magazine Development

We are in an exciting time of self publishing and digital readers. Ferotech has the expertise to put together an online publishing platform that will allow you to create interactive magazines for both personal computers and mobile devices. Take advantage of this new and unique way to reach an audience.

Enhanced Internet Presentation

An interactive magazine combines the best features of the web with the editorial guidance and structure of a professional publication. Ferotech will leverage the experience of those in the publishing world with the tools needed to attract digital readers on the Internet frontier. Technologies such as Flash, Flex, and Java provide a versatile palette for producing the type of magazine that represents the image you want to portray.

Support for Online and Offline Use

Websites are an effective tool, but in the absence of an Internet connection an interactive magazine can provide entertainment and information to readers no matter where they are located. Downloadable magazines can be archived for future reading on portable devices or laptop computers, which replaces paper publications with updatable and inexpensive content.

Request a quote to see exactly how Ferotech's interactive magazine development solution will bring your publication ideas to life.