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Adobe Flex offers web developers an open source framework that is perfect for constructing interactive applications that are cross-platform in terms of hardware and browser architectures. Flex combines an XML-based language with the object-oriented programming capabilities of the ActionScript language commonly used to build Adobe Flash applications. Ferotech feels that Flex is a great choice for companies looking for a development tool that is lightweight in terms of resource use yet powerful enough to fill a variety of different roles within a business web strategy.

Versatile Application Solutions

Flex can be used to create large-scale user interfaces or scaled down to generate micro-applications embedded in a full-size web page. The versatility of Flex also includes the ability to communicate with back-end applications at the server level, giving it real-time data capabilities that open up new business possibilities.

Near Universal Compatibility

Adobe Flex makes use of the same Adobe Flash player that is installed in 98 percent of all personal computers around the globe. Ferotech can show you how Flex can also be leveraged outside of the web browser environment thanks to the Adobe AIR runtime, which provides developers with the ability to produce standalone Flex applications.

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