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Adobe Flash is the industry leading tool when it comes to developing multimedia intensive web applications and interfaces. Capable of moving past HTML, Ferotech can help you leverage Flash to integrate animation, audio, and video and provide your clients with a completely custom and immersive experience.

Audio and Video Streaming

With pre-loading capabilities and advanced encoding algorithms, Adobe Flash offers web developers the chance to share audio and video content with visitors without the need to launch external applications or subject site users to extensive load times.


Adobe Flash is a compiled development language that can be run on a wide variety of different platforms, including Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Create immersive applications without being concerned about compatibility issues, and given that the Flash player offers an auto-upgrade feature, customers and site visitors are guaranteed to have the latest edition of the software required to view Flash content.

Interactive Experiences

Adobe Flash is suitable for anything from creating addictive web games to generating forms for gathering information from prospective customers. Its ability to link with other web technologies as well as provide virtually limitless resources for web artists places it at the front of the pack when it comes to advanced application and interface development.

The world of high-end multimedia applications is just a short phone call or email away from becoming a reality.