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Most any business in any industry could benefit from e-commerce solutions if the end goal is to generate sales through the Internet. Whether you are in the retail business and looking to create an online store to match your offline brand or you are a major manufacturer looking for a new revenue stream, Ferotech has the capability to create highly secure, user-friendly e-commerce systems.

In particular, Ferotch can create customized software solutions for:

  • Online shopping carts
  • Inventory management
  • Promotional websites
  • Email marketing and corresponding online checkout systems

Putting Security and Compliance First

When you take money from your customers over the web you enter another realm of security and privacy concerns. All of the e-commerce solutions we offer are backed by some of the most secure software available. This ensures that your site is hacker safe and that your customer's private credit card information will remain private.

Before creating an e-commerce system, you must understand the legal requirements under the CAN-SPAM Act and the importance of creating a privacy policy and terms and conditions language for your website. Ferotech cannot offer you legal advice for these matters; however, we can give you guidance on best practices within the e-commerce industry.

To learn more about how we can help you succeed in e-commerce, call Ferotech to speak with a business specialist.