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Content Management System

Ferotech through its InfoCom Marketing division can develop a content management system that is as simple as point, click, and upload. It really can be that easy to get your digital message out to the masses.

Easily Customizable Solutions

We can get you started with a content management system that is completely adapted to the needs of your web strategy. Need to optimize for video content? Not a problem. Want to offer easy access for employees to add text updates, blog posts, and full-blown articles? We can help you do that.

Backups, Tracking, Control

The content management systems available from Ferotech and InfoCom Marketing can offer you full control over what appears on your website and how it gets there in the first place. You can allow certain users exclusive access to specific parts of your website or give editing rights to a team of employees who can oversee all operations. Full backups of your content are easy to make and restore, which provides you with a full archive of all site activity.

To understand more about content management systems and how they can revolutionize your website, contact us.