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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Ferotech Solution Services works with accountants and bookkeepers as both a custom software developer and technology consultant. In an industry that depends a great deal on complicated software technology, we have chosen to position ourselves as experts in this industry.

Our services for the accounting industry include:

  • QuickBooks consulting
  • Financial management system development
  • Payroll software development, integration, and training
  • Document management system creation and deployment

Customized Accounting Software Solutions

Browse the aisles of any computer store and you'll see dozens of software solutions for accountants and bookkeepers.

What makes each one different? How do you know which one will integrate best with your existing solutions? Unfortunately, you usually don't know until you've installed the program and have tried to make it work…unsuccessfully.

Don't waste time. Rely on Ferotech to create a customized software solution for your accounting firm or for your business' internal accounting department. We will design software and a series of tools that will allow you to work exactly how you need to.

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